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Our Commitment to Excellence

Say goodbye to bulky batteries, unsightly wires and slow bikes. You deserve an electric bike that performs and looks its best for you. A bike so fun and sleek you’ll be proud to ride it. So ditch the car in the garage and join us for the ride of your life! Because together, we’re going to make the world a little less gray and a little more green.

Let FLX power your next adventure!

Mountain Bikes

Escape the beaten path and explore new terrains, weave through forests, or cruise down mountains with ease

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City Bikes

Upgrade your daily commuter and get wherever you're going in comfort and style

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Fat Bikes

Our off-road E-Bicycles with oversized tires

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The pinnacle of modern engineering


Featured Riders

Gail Halverson
"I thought it was the most beautiful I'd ever seen, and then I took it for a ride. Not only is it gorgeous, it's fun!"
Jon Wilson
"Being on an E-Bike is meaningful to me because it's a small way of showing them that I'm being mindful of their future and my children's future."
Paul Dieter
"Now I find my commute the highlight of my day, and I actually look to lengthen it out. It's all gain and no pain."

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