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Baby Maker Update From Pete

Blade Class 2 Now Available!

We now have a Class 2 Blade available on our website!
Tommy M.
I wanted to email everyone at Team FLX, Rob, and Pete and say thanks for changing my life.  After researching hours and hours of YouTube reviews FLX made the top of the list and my joy arrived almost two weeks ago. Thanks a million Team FLX for the life changing experience.

FLX Financing Options

If you have any questions regarding financing, feel free to reach us out on our live chat!

Help! My eBike has a Speed Sensor Error

Error 21? Rob from FLX will show you how to get your ebike running in no time.

How to Adjust Display Settings on Your FLX Bike

Got questions? Shoot us a message on our live chat. :)

Blade Assembly - Standard Package

Full assembly of the Blade electric bike: Standard Package

HOT TAKES: Power Your Adventures

What does an FLX video shoot look like exactly?

FLX Blade: Power your Adventures

Find out more about the FLX Blade.
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