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Help! My eBike has a Speed Sensor Error

Error 21? Rob from FLX will show you how to get your ebike running in no time.

How to Adjust Display Settings on Your FLX Bike

Got questions? Shoot us a message on our live chat. :)

Blade Assembly - Standard Package

Full assembly of the Blade electric bike: Standard Package

HOT TAKES: Power Your Adventures

What does an FLX video shoot look like exactly?

FLX Blade: Power your Adventures

Find out more about the FLX Blade.

Beachgoers Try the Blade

We headed out to Mission Beach in San Diego to let people try out the Blade.

Always Use the Throttle

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Power your commute - FLX Roadster

If you want to get from point A to point B through the city as fast as possible, the Roadster is the right choise for you.

FLX Friday: Waterfront District

Nothing like an FLX ride to end the week!

FLX: Power your adventures



Newest spokesman Max Throttle goes over just a few of the features you can find on your next FLX eBike.

Big Shipment is In!

Big Shipment is in!

We head up to the warehouse to receive a big shipment!

FLX Roadster Video Review - $1.8k Fast but Firm Urban Electric Bike, Road Ready

The FLX Roadster is an affordable high-speed electric road bike with efficient narrow tires, no suspension by default but FLX does offer a seat post upgrade along with optional fenders, rack, and lights for safer night riding...

FLX Trail Video Review - $1.9k High-Speed, Throttle, Hardtail, Electric Mountain Bike

The FLX Trail is a hardtail cross country style electric mountain bike with quiet Bafang Max Drive 350-watt mid-drive motor, adjustable top speed upwards of 35 mph position it for private property or OHV use only...

Electric Bike Review Takes on The Blade!

You asked for it, a review from Electric Bike Review, the most trusted third party review site in the business! Brent from EBR was dying to take on the Blade... so without further ado...
Eric McCrystal
Having a great time riding but 2 flats in first three rides! It’s all ‘up hill’ from here!
Steve Menefee
I received my FLX Trail in September and I’m very satisfied. A recent ride on the Sacramento Northern RR Bicycle Path and American River Bicycle Path using assist level 2 most of the time. The 17Ah battery had 31% remaining charge.
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