Hey everyone, what a week it's been! Join us from the San Diego HQ for the latest news on the Babymaker in the video below. Keep an eye out for a quick peek at a new production facility (complete with frickin laser beams) toward the end...

 Until the next update, enjoy some posts of new deliveries from the official FLX Babymaker owner's group:


Support Reminders: we're unable to answer "where is my bike" support requests - instead we're focusing full force on building and distributing the bikes to you as soon as possible. 

When your bike ships you'll get an email with the tracking number!

If you do need any assistance with your order or bike once it comes, please reach out by emailing our official support channel, Here we have a full-time support staff to help with anything you may need.

Several staff members have reported receiving support requests sent to their personal accounts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and other platforms. These are not support channels and they have been advised to kindly refer these inquiries to where we can serve you through our official help desk.  

Have a great weekend!


We Love You,

Rob, Pete and Team FLX