Colors? Accessories? Stretch Goals? Tell us what you want!

We're so excited to see more people jumping on the Flux train! We can't thank you enough for believing in Flux and funding us to a point where we can begin mass production.

A lot of people have asked us when we're going to release accessories and other colors. If you're interested in a new color, other accessories or anything that can make your flux better, please fill out this survey. Your answers will shape the future of Flux.

Did you know there are two things you can finish in about 30 seconds to help us put more Flux bikes on the road?

  1. Leave a quick comment on this page. Every time you do, it helps our campaign build interaction points, a measurement used to rank projects.
  2.  Share this page with your friends, just click the share icons on the left side of the page.

Thank you again for the continued support. We've got more big news coming very soon!

We love you,

Team Flux