Pete and Rob head to the factories to kick things off. We've leveraged our large number of orders and secured a deal with one of the largest battery manufacturers in the world - that means we'll be able to produce a larger number of batteries with even stricter QC standards than we had previously planned. The automated facilities are amazing and they produce batteries for HTC, Motorola, Honeywell, Netgear... We weren't even allowed to film in any of the production rooms (despite numerous attempts)...We lined up 3 other excellent battery manufacturers, so should something unexpected come up, we'll be ready to divert production to an equally capable manufacturer. Below you'll see some movie magic as we combine footage from 3 battery factories into 1 visit, as we were unable to film in the primary facility. 

What's great about the new factory is that we can produce more batteries than we previously expected. So we placed an order for 50 more 17AH batteries for the people that missed the upgrade deadline and ordered afterwards. We have a limited quantity left, so if you want to increase your range and battery cycle life by 30%, click here to get a 17AH battery upgrade for your FLUX.
We couldn't fit all the footage into one video, so stay tuned for updates from the next locations...
We love you,