FLX Opens StartEngine Equity Crowdfunding Campaign

San Diego, CA (December 1, 2021) -  FLX, based in San Diego California has announced the launch of an equity Crowdfunding raise in partnership with StartEngine.

In 2020, FLX disrupted the bike industry with a stunning $13.3M crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo offering its highly acclaimed Babymaker electric bike to the world market.

"FLX is breaking new ground in the way customers are engaging with urban transportation – and beyond. We have a lot more to do and with the help of our investors, we believe we’re going to change the way people think about transportation forever. " said Rob Rast, Founder and President of FLX. "With this offering, anyone can take part of the electric mobility revolution!"

By partnering with StartEngine, FLX plans to raise funds by offering ownership to the community rather than restricting it to a small number of large investors.

Since launching it’s first electric bikes, FLX has achieved significant YOY sales growth with zero outside investment. The company has maintained an average 42% gross margin on products. With creative in house marketing achieving a strong 11X return on ad spend. FLX has delivered on their promise of bringing exceptional value to customers with a dynamic product, direct-to-consumer business model and dedicated customer service team.

Looking toward 2022, FLX will be increasing inventory to keep up with the demand of their existing products and will be launching new bike models. This crowdfunding offering provides an opportunity for investors, both large and small, to share in FLX’s mission to deliver the best electric bikes and accessories to market.

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