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It's no secret that with all the shipments, we're getting slammed with emails. We've been testing a new support system (Freshdesk) to handle incoming queries. Anytime you contact us, a ticket is created and stays open until someone from the team completely resolves it. The great thing about this system is that if you have a quick question about a common issue, you won't have to sit around waiting for our response. The system will suggest articles which contain more info, videos etc. of the most common questions that may come up on your FLX journey.  

Did we mention there's also a forumWe know FLX backers are some of the most creative bunch in the world, so if you have some genius modifications, solutions or just want to come talk about bikes, welcome to leave your mark in the FLX forum and be remembered for all of eternity. We'll be making a few tweaks to the pages and adding more solutions in the coming days, but feel free to try it out. 

We can't provide individual shipping estimates right now as they're consuming a huge amount of resources and will slow down bike production for everyone. Thanks for understanding!

Look forward to seeing you on the forum!

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