With the launch of the new FLX BLADE e-bike, we’ve had many questions arise from fans about the bike’s potential. “How fast can it go?” “What’s the max motor power?” “Is it safe to ride?”… you get the idea.

It’s our newest electrical bike (and our most powerful) so we had to make sure we didn’t disappoint. Rather than cruise around flat land and bore you, we decided to push it to the limit and take on one of the toughest manufacturer test tracks around. You can watch the video below to see how we did.


You didn’t think that was all we’d show you… did you?

If you want to see some more footage of what the Blade can do, head over to our Facebook page where you can watch an intense TOP SPEED COMPETITION between the FLX crew. (Hint: Elvis is currently in the lead, reaching over 40 MPH on his Blade – yikes!).

Very Important

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Thanks for following along as we push forward.
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