On Wednesday we shipped out US Container 10 to the US. It’s stocked with enough bikes to finish all US Roadster and Trail pre-orders! To track it down CLICK HERE. See the video for more details.

In other news:


We continue moving forward with the Attack. Frames are being made now and expect assembly next week. When the Attacks are done we’ll consolidate all pre-order Attacks with G2 upgrades and send to the US and international locations (with Roadster and Trail pre-orders) alike.

Stay tuned for more!


I think my bike was on it, what’s next?


We’re going to validate all the pre-orders on this container in the coming days. If your bike is in this container, you can expect an email notification within the week.

When the container arrives at the states, it will clear customs and be handled by our distribution center who will separate the packages for delivery to each backers address.




Thanks for following along as we push forward.
We love you,
Team FLX