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Are electric bikes changing the concepts of mobility?
In last week’s blog post we’ve been talking about the need for drastically altering urban transport infrastructure to make our cities more worthy of living in them. Today we’ll look at how ebikes are likely to play a crucial role...
Our concept of mobility has to change radically – and ebikes could play a crucial role in it
When it comes to adequate infrastructure, a lot of cities across the globe face two key problems: Congestion and pollution. Managing both those problems is today’s holy grail of urban infrastructure planning: Finding solutions for them enhances resident’s satisfaction with...
5 Benefits Of Riding An Electric Bike
  As we all know by now, exercising regularly is crucially important if you want to lead a long, healthy life. But with our busy schedules and aging bodies and joints, finding time to exercise can be tricky. Most of...
  Ride > Share > Win.  Now you can get points for helping your friends discover ebikes. Early adopters have a chance to win a sweet new product as well before it's released.  Check the video for more details.  Feel free...
How are eBikes regulated in the U.S.?
Laws & Regulations An electric bicycle is not a moped, motorcycle or scooter. It's a totally different kind of vehicle that’s making waves throughout the U.S. and across the world.  If you love riding your bicycle but want to ride...
History of cycling and electric bikes
The Draisine Since the invention of the wheel, man has been trying to improve upon its capabilities. From the lowly wheelbarrow of the second century, to the two wheeled cart shortly after, to Karl Drais' "dandy horse", or running machine...
Fixing "Error 21" aka Speed Sensor Error
  Much like any machine with moving parts, occasionally, you'll encounter problems with your mid drive eBike. One of the most common, and easily fixable is "Error 21" or the Speed Sensor Error. This particular video is related to our...
Experience the mountains on the Blade.
How does it feel to go on a mountain adventure with the Blade?
FLX Celebrates Women's Day!
At FLX, we cherish the badass women taking over the road every day. In honor of International Women’s Day, we want to celebrate those women with a very special cause.  Image location (URL) Darken level 0.3 From March 8th to...
Trees For this Beautiful Planet
  Living abroad for years we realized that the nature some of us are blessed to experience isn't a given. We took some of this planet's most beautiful gifts for granted... until being in a place where it's harder to get out...
Big Shipment is In!
They're here. We received Blades at the warehouse Wednesday and all US Pre-Orders have gone out Thursday! Keep an eye out for those boxes! Blades are now in stock in the US, you know what that means, the end of...
They're Done.
  • Blades are 100% assembled, packaged and ready to go
  • Gloss Black was BEAUTIFUL so we made all the bikes this color
  • Blades have through axles front and back
  • They're being picked up for sea freight soon
  • ETA Stateside mid January
  • We'll send updates to all buyers and also update when they've arrived. 
  • Throttle wheelies in 1st, 2nd and 3rd gear. 
The Blade Shows it's True Color
Each Blade frame started as pieces of aluminum, which got turned into tubes, molded into shape, cut to exactly the right spec, tac welded together, adjusted, rewelded, smooth welded and heat treated, calibrated, heat treated again, readjusted and finally came to this stage. In the process each Blade frame picks up it's own patina, unlike any other bike in existence. Traditionally this is chemically cleaned, sanded down and painted over, but for us the beauty is in the process. 
He shaved too early!
Movember Comes To An End It's been 30 days since everyone's clean shave and the mustaches are filling out. Team FLX is growing mustaches for charity and we thank everyone who has joined and supported so far!  We're celebrating the final day...
We Said Goodbye
Another crucial shipment on the way as we say goodbye to a major partner. Blade updates and a preview of the new box.
Blade in Mass

Things are heating up on Blade production! Check the latest photos below! In depth vids coming soon. 

Final Check Before Blade Assembly
All Green Lights for Blade Assembly  One more sample before full assembly is ready and we check to make sure everything is good to go and exactly how we dreamed. Check the vid below.    Bafang is working on the...
Can You Wheelie an eBike?
Don't let the normal pedal bikers have all the fun!  Part of the beauty of having an electric bike is having the power to get the front wheel in the air and keep it there! Getting into a wheelie on...
The Blade rounds third base...
Production is rounding third base on the Blade. We've spent the last few weeks perfecting the final details to make sure these bikes kick ass. Check out what's been going on below:
Can you ride an electric bike in the rain?

The drive system on electric bikes typically consist of a motor, controller, battery and display. Each of these components could be susceptible to water damage if not properly built or sealed. Most ebike and electric motor drive systems are built with this in mind, so the rain that serious road warriors run into won't spoil your ride.

Light rain is fine for most ebikes, but what about the heavy stuff?

Here we need to look at IP ratings. The Bafang Max motor, controller and display used on the Roadster, Trail and Attack bikes are all IP65, that means they're completely dust-proof and heavily water resistant.

Moving Forward - Part 3 - 24/7 Support
FLX customer service agents have been working Monday through Friday since launch. Your life doesn't stop on Friday though and neither should FLX Support!