Tommy M.
I wanted to email everyone at Team FLX, Rob, and Pete and say thanks for changing my life.  After researching hours and hours of YouTube reviews FLX made the top of the list and my joy arrived almost two weeks...
Eric McCrystal
Having a great time riding but 2 flats in first three rides! It’s all ‘up hill’ from here!
Steve Menefee
I received my FLX Trail in September and I’m very satisfied. A recent ride on the Sacramento Northern RR Bicycle Path and American River Bicycle Path using assist level 2 most of the time. The 17Ah battery had 31% remaining...
Alaan Vincent
Words can't describe what a blast this is to ride!!
Nathan Long
100 miles in the first five days! That's probably more than I've ridden in the last 10 years! Now that I have this swesome FLX bike Attack, I plan to never stop!
Mark Fong
Toured SF today on my Roadster. It has all the torque I need to climb hills I would never have attempted before. Enjoying it greatly.
Henry Weber
It's finally here! Assembly was easy, just charging the battery to test the real things out. It really is an awesome looking bike!
James Di Loreto
My belated birthday gift (March 30) to myself finnaly arrived, after 6 months on Indiegogo startup campaign #FLXBIKE. A mid motor electric bicycle. It's like heaven.. on two wheels.
Keith Beeman
I can not say enough good about this bike, and the extremey fast and excellent service this FLX company is doing. Thank you, love the Bike.
Austin Stevens
FLX found in the not so wild. Welcome to the urban FLX!
Edwin G Smith
It is not a bike, it is a piece of art
Marc Dostal
I love this bike.
Josh Marrs
Got my bike today, and it's amazing! Even more fun than I imagined!
Jensen Lovelett
Went for a 10 mile jaunt around town, up and down the hills usually ride. Effortlessly hitting speeds I'd have to really work for on my roadbike, right into a blustery wind at that. Nice ride .
James Morrison
I rode from home to the beach and back, did 25 miles. The bike handled like a champ. I got a lot of questions and compliments about the bike as well.
Greg Carpenter
What a blast! I just took "Silver" out of our maiden run, got him up to a gallop of 26 mph and that was only to the end of the block.
This is definitely more bike than I need, but so much better than my other electric assist.
Steve Jillings
FLX Roadster arrived last night. Off to Venice Beach. It's a lot of fun...
James Sweeney
So far, I've gone 78 miles with about 60 miles off road on my FLX Trail. This thing is a beast. Off Trail is a totally new way to ride.
Sean Harrington
The Best! Such a sexy bike... Solid ride and really nice construction. Power is nice and if you wanna work leave it pedal mode and have at it!
Ron Radko
When I test rode and bought the haibike everything else in the 2k-4k range paled in comparison and wasn't even close. You folks have a bike that is definitely much closer in feel than everything else I tried.