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Josh Marrs
Got my bike today, and it's amazing! Even more fun than I imagined!
Jensen Lovelett
Went for a 10 mile jaunt around town, up and down the hills usually ride. Effortlessly hitting speeds I'd have to really work for on my roadbike, right into a blustery wind at that. Nice ride .
James Morrison
I rode from home to the beach and back, did 25 miles. The bike handled like a champ. I got a lot of questions and compliments about the bike as well.
Greg Carpenter
What a blast! I just took "Silver" out of our maiden run, got him up to a gallop of 26 mph and that was only to the end of the block.
This is definitely more bike than I need, but so much better than my other electric assist.
Steve Jillings
FLX Roadster arrived last night. Off to Venice Beach. It's a lot of fun...
James Sweeney
So far, I've gone 78 miles with about 60 miles off road on my FLX Trail. This thing is a beast. Off Trail is a totally new way to ride.
Sean Harrington
The Best! Such a sexy bike... Solid ride and really nice construction. Power is nice and if you wanna work leave it pedal mode and have at it!
Ron Radko
When I test rode and bought the haibike everything else in the 2k-4k range paled in comparison and wasn't even close. You folks have a bike that is definitely much closer in feel than everything else I tried.
David Barnes
Smooth ride, pedal assist is amazing and yes, I got plenty of looks from people wondering what the heck I was riding
Curt Hammer
I can't belive how fantastic the bike is. I have over 50 miles on mine and love it more each time I ride it.
Charles Lakritz
I conserved power finished the ride with 1/2 batt life left wow wow wow. I love my Flx and so do all the other cyclist in the club have no fears with this bike.