David Barnes
Smooth ride, pedal assist is amazing and yes, I got plenty of looks from people wondering what the heck I was riding
Curt Hammer
I can't belive how fantastic the bike is. I have over 50 miles on mine and love it more each time I ride it.
Charles Lakritz
I conserved power finished the ride with 1/2 batt life left wow wow wow. I love my Flx and so do all the other cyclist in the club have no fears with this bike.
Paul Dieter
I think FLX has nailed a very desirable pricepoint with its bikes. There's a big hole that they are filling with a beautiful and quality product.
Awesome time today in Santa Cruz on our FLX Trails! 25 miles and still had half battery!!! Most fun we've had all summer! Thanks guys! Best bike ever!
Howard Greenfield
FLXin Awesome! I have test drove dozens of e-bikes. This one rocks!
Did a father son dirt track ride today on my Trail. The FLX is great on the road but it’s a real BEAST on the trails. I was blasting uphill on segments where my legs would normally be burning with...
Wife absolutely loves her FLX! We can now ride together. Until the hills then she takes off. Amazing experience! Worth every bit of the wait and $$$. Just gotta get my own one now. Thanks FLX Crew.
The great thing about this bike… and something I didn’t expect is that I am getting more workout than I have in a long time… just because I’m now willing to go out with my (15 yr old) boy. He...
I finally got the time to take the Attack to a real Mountain Bike Trail at Makawao Forest Reserve in Maui. The trail was quite narrow and twisty going downhill. Going up was fun as I passed a few bikers...