Reention F1/F2 Battery Housing with Lock and Keys

Reention F1/F2 Battery Housing with Lock and Keys

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Battery Housing Replacement (Set) - with this kit, replacing the battery on our bikes will be as easy as changing the battery in a pocket flashlight


Compatible With:  Set Includes:
 F1/F2 FLX Bike Models  Top & Bottom Battery Housing 
2 Keys 

Note: This unit is designed to replace your current unit and does not include mounting hardware. If you've lost any hardware or are using it on a new bike, you will need some mounting hardware as follows:

 Part Qty Install Location
ST2.9*13 Round Philips Fastening Screw 5-5.5mm Head 1

Upper Housing

ST2.6*16 Round Philips Fastening Screw 2

Upper and Lower Housing

M3*10 Round Philips Fastening Screw 5-5.5mm Head 2

Upper and Lower Housing

M22*1.0 Hex Jam Nut 1

Threaded power connector barrel

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Stopped by yesterday just to check this electric bike shop out. I was greeted by Axel and Sequoia who were very friendly but more importantly had extensive knowledge about their products and bikes in general. He put me on a Blade to test ride... I hadn't had that much fun on a bike in awhile! Now I ride one everyday HAHA! Stoked to be apart of the FLX Family

Rik Slik

Colin D. Was incredible. I flew in to test the bike before shipping. Super cordial and chill as I took the prototype for a test drive. I went up a hill that is steeper than most ramps that I jumped as a kid! Being a TX boy we have little hills and not like this one. I was skeptical if the Babymaker would help propel me up that monster....and it did. Rob and his team have produced a stellar product and I am excited to get mine next month.

Jeff Duncan