Why is your motor in the crank rather than in the rear hub like most electric bikes?

A mid drive motor system is incredibly efficient. By providing power at the crank it takes full use of the mechanical advantage of the bike’s gearing. Mid motors are known for delivering higher performance and torque when compared to a similar powered traditional hub motor.

Taking advantage of the bike’s own gearing system multiplies the motor’s power up to 3.4 times. This makes it more efficient when climbing hills and also achieving top end speeds. Battery life is extended due to increased efficiency and it also centralizes weight distribution, which most importantly means more air when hitting those jumps!

Admittedly we’re really biased towards mid motors and that’s the point. We did plenty of research on them before the bike even took form on a drawing board. We think they’re far superior and that’s why we use them on our bikes.


What range can you get from the battery?

Our battery is pretty special. We use the same Panasonic cells that are in the Tesla Model S electric car. Due to their high energy density we’ve managed to get 612 watt hours into a relatively small battery pack. Watt hours are the figure you need to look at when figuring out how far an electric bike can go. The higher the watt hours, the greater the range. Very few bikes feature a battery with such a high capacity as ours and combined with the more efficient mid motor we’re averaging 46 miles in full power with the FLX Roadster.


What’s the top speed of the Bike?

In N. America the Legal maximum speed of ebikes is regulated to 20mph on throttle only. Every country varies though so you need to look online to check your own countries laws. FLX bikes can easily achieve 20mph on throttle alone. Above 25mph the motor cuts out and it’s down to the rider how fast they can pedal. You can remove the limiter but this is STRICTLY for off road and private land use only. The bikes all have a speedometer in the display so you can see exactly how fast that is. The FLX record is 36.7 mph. Let us know if you can beat us!


Is there any difference between riding a normal bike and a FLX e-bike?

Even though our bikes are electric, they’re still normal bikes. They’re just way easier to ride and a hell of a lot more fun! If you feel like getting some exercise in all you do is turn the power off and there’s absolutely no difference to riding a normal bike. The fun comes when you turn the power on though. 5 motor assist levels means you can decide how much effort you want to put into pedaling. Level 1 gives you basic assistance which is like receiving a gentle push. Level 5 will have you flying along at 20mph whilst hardly even touching the pedals let alone putting any effort in!

If even that seems like too much hard work guys, look out, FLX bikes have a throttle. We all love cycling at FLX but being able to use a throttle around the city is the nuts. Fly through traffic, easily pass other bikers or just stand on those pegs and have a little chuckle as they all try and work out how the hell you’re doing it.


How do you charge the battery and how long does it take?

The Battery can be charged either on or off the bike. If you live in an apartment building you don’t need to lug it up all those stairs to charge it. Same thing at work, although this battery lasts so long you probably won’t need to bother with a backup charger in the office.

It’s a powerful battery (think we’ve already conveyed that) so although we’re in the process of sourcing a high output charger it may take slightly longer than most other ebikes with smaller capacity batteries to charge. Before the bikes go into production we’ll have a charger that will be able to go through a complete cycle in 4 -5 hours.


How long does the battery last?

Rechargeable battery life is typically defined as the number of full charge-discharge cycles before significant capacity loss. FLX batteries use Panasonic cells which retain 90% of their initial capacity after 400 cycles. As the bike has such a long range you probably won’t need to charge the battery more once or twice a week. That’s a fair few years before you’ll need to replace it!


How much maintenance does the motor require?

The motor is maintenance free. Our motor manufacturer has been making these types of motors for years so they’ve been thoroughly tested in the factory, in the field and with 1000’s of other customers. If needed the entire motor can also be removed and replaced simply by taking out a couple of bolts instead of dealing with the complexities of replacing a hub motor. Check it out. Nightmare.


Can you remove the wheels if you need to put it in a car?

Absolutely. Both wheels are quick release and can be removed in approximately 25 seconds flat. Next…


Can you change wheels if you want to use the Trail and Attack in the city?

Yep. The wheels / tires are interchangeable on all models.  This is a great idea. In some cities like San Francisco the roads are pretty bad, full of potholes etc. If you choose either the Trail or Attack models with suspension, it makes riding way more comfortable. The drawback with super grippy tires is slightly increased drag on the road. Solution: Set of skinny road tires for the week then quickly swap them over to off roaders and let it all hang out on the trails at the weekend!


What are the rider height restrictions?

The saddle is adjustable so we’ve had people from 5’2” to 6’5” riding the bike with little problem. These are right on the edges of comfort to be honest though. We’d normally say between 5’4” and 6’2” is ideal.


What colors does the bike come in?

Having a range of colors increases production costs fairly dramatically so initially our aim was to focus that extra money on bike development. Because of all the support from fans like you we can now offer bikes in three colors: Gloss White, Gun Metal Gray, and Matte Black. Now you can FLX in style!


It may sound like a silly question, but as it’s electric are the bikes safe in the wet?

Ha. Don’t worry, we get asked this plenty of times. The answer is yes. The electrical parts are all concealed and waterproofed so come rain or shine the electrics will work perfectly.


What happens if I get a puncture?

Go off road or ride high distances in the city and you get plenty of punctures right? Well, changing a flat on a FLX is exactly the same as on a standard bike. (Hub motors make it way more complicated. Just saying.)


Does the bike come with a warranty?

Absolutely. We’re extremely confident in the bikes build quality and sourced components so offering a decent warranty isn’t a problem. All bikes will come with a fully comprehensive 1 year warranty that will cover all components on the bike. Does not include general wear and tear as you shred the trails with your FLX.

For additional Terms and Conditions please follow this link.


Hope this answers your questions, let us know if you’ve got anymore!




[Revised and Updated for April 2017]
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