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The F4 Trail

The Trail is the best selling bike in our lineup. With hybrid tires good for on-road and off-road, lockable front suspension and a powerful mid-motor, it will power your adventures like no other electric bike.

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(Estimated to ship in March)


The Gladiator 

 This Gladiator is ready for anything you can throw at it! From snow to sand, pavement to muddy trails, the options are endless.  The extra-wide tires and powerful motor ensure no terrain will ever stand in your way!

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(Estimated to ship in March)



The Bandit

The Bandit is a super sleek, street legal, and has all the performance you'll ever need.  It's a great commuter vehicle or weekend cruiser that is sure to turn heads wherever you ride! 

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(Estimated to ship in March)



The Blade 2.0


The Blade has been one of the hottest bikes since its release. We've taken your feedback and the latest in technology to craft the Blade 2.0. It's completely new all around with some upgrades we couldn't be more excited about!


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(Estimated to ship End of April)