FLX Rider Video Testimonial


Hello FLX eBike Riders!

If you’re reading this, you’ve been specifically chosen to be featured in our 60-second video campaigns that stream across Facebook, Youtube and Instagram. We loved hearing about your journey and how it led you to FLX, and we want others to hear it too!


  1. Grab your smartphone 📱 or, for any videographers out there, your high-tech cameras 📷
  2. Get a friend to film for you, or film it yourself! 😎
  3. Find a good area to film with your FLX Bike featured with you — we recommend somewhere outside that’s quiet with a scenic background 🌄
  4. Test out your recording device — do a few practice runs. Make sure it’s recording properly, on a stable surface or tripod, horizontally positioned/wide frame, and the sound quality is good.
  5. Once you’ve hit on all these steps, you’re ready to record your (up to) 60-second video!

Here’s a great sample video - it’s easy!

Here are some suggestions to include in your video…

1. What motivated you to purchase an FLX Bike?

Explain how you found FLX and what interested you about eBikes — difficulties with your regular bike, wanting to go on longer rides, commuting, health restrictions etc.


“When I rode my regular/non-electric bike I was limited in how far I could go - I would get tired very fast; I would ride to work - and get sweaty!....prior to FLX I struggled with health issues such as…”

2. How has FLX helped you?

Talk about your experience with FLX and your eBike model — the benefits of riding your bike. Optional: Feel free to include some clips of you riding your FLX Bike.


“With my FLX (eBike model), I can ride 10-20 miles without stopping which I could never do before; With my FLX (eBike model), “exercising has never been so much fun”....”my health issues have subsided and/or improved tremendously…”

3. End with your name and why you support FLX

Explain why you support our company — bike features, culture, etc.


“I’m (insert name) and I recommend FLX Bike because it got me off my couch and back outside…”

*Remember: Your video should be 60 seconds or less. If you send a video longer than this, please be aware that we will edit or cut material to fit the time limit.*

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out and we’ll assist you in whatever way possible. Please send all submissions and/or questions to heather@flx.bike

We can’t wait to hear from you and feature you across all our channels! 😍

We Love You,
Team FLX