Rental Fleet Program

Easily level up your business and get a return on your investment faster than you ever thought possible

Direct to Consumer Business Model

Founded by 2 incredible Engineers, FLX Bike offers direct to consumer pricing on electric bikes that are designed by a team of passionate cyclists and engineers.

FLX bikes are a top choice of Ebike, especially for rental fleets, because of the innovative main stream parts, meaning lower maintenance, and a high return on investment. The bikes are extremely reliable and rock solid.


Roadster $1999 USD Sticker Price

The Roadster is the lightest in the FLX lineup. Slice through the urban jungle on an agile design made for high speeds and long range capability. Take control of your ride with a powerful mid motor and 5 levels of power assist. The Roadster is sure to turn heads... as you fly past them


Trail $ 2199 USD Sticker Price

The Trail is the most popular FLX model. Whether you're riding to work or tearing up your favorite trail, its hybrid tires, lockable front suspension, and powerful mid motor will handle any of your adventures like no other electric bike.


The Blade $ 3999 USD Sticker Price

For the riders who want more power, more adventure, and more freedom, the Blade delivers! With a powerful 1000 Watt mid Motor, Rockshox suspension, and 27.5" X 2.5" Maxxis Minion DHF Tires, this Ebike will conquer even the most advanced trails.

Why Rent FLX Bikes?

  • Superior quality, lower maintenance, and high return on investment.
  • Level the playing field between advanced and beginner riders, add distance to any ride, and make hills a breeze.
  • Modern. Stylish.
  • Get sought out for having electric bikes and gain new customers. FLX will send interested buyers looking for a test ride to your business!
  • Discounted fleet pricing starting at just 5 bikes.
  • Commission program that rewards you for converting sales!
  • Get featured on an interactive map on the FLX Bike website which averages 30k clicks a month
  • Get featured on FLX Social Media

U.S. Pricing

As a rental fleet, you'll get exclusive pricing on all FLX bikes, accessories, and replacement parts.

The Rental Fleet Agreement allows for resale whenever you see fit. Make the decision based on your business needs.

Deferred payments subject to credit approval in FLX Bikes’ sole discretion.


5-9 units: 10% off Web Pricing. Payment due at time of order.

10-19 units: 15% off Web Pricing. Payment Terms: 50% up front, balance due in 30 days.

20+ units: 20% off Web Pricing. Payment Terms: 50% up front, balance due in 60 days.

Replacement Parts and Accessories

Replacement parts and accessories purchased will receive the same discount you got with the purchase of your fleet.

Time to ROI

How long could it take to pay off a fleet of 20 bikes?

20 bikes purchased @ $1599 = $ 31980

10 one day rentals @ $65 = $650 (Per Day)

Paid off in 50 days = $32,500.00

Others Are Finding Success

Businesses like yours with active fleets are reporting increases in profits directly relating to the introduction of FLX bikes in their business. Since FLX bikes are only sold online and through the retail location in San Diego, there is an extremely high demand for people to take test rides across the US. FLX often pushes interested buyers towards fleets to test ride before they buy. When they decide to purchase, you are offered commission on the sale.

In addition, the eye catching nature of the FLX bikes will pull people into your business looking to learn more and take a ride!

It is not uncommon for FLX rental fleets to have 14-20 bikes rented out a day in sunny weather months. This means that the fleet could pay for itself in as little as 30 days!

The guys who started it all

Rob Rast

An Engineer and Pilot addicted to performance, he's implemented green technology at the largest airports in the world. If you want something to work better, just tell him it can't be done.

Pete Leaviss

Ex-British forces, Pete has tackled engineering problems in some of the toughest environments you can imagine. Careful, his passion for cycling is contagious, you've been warned.

These two are so insanely committed to building the best eBike on the planet, they moved into the factory for several months to oversee quality control and personally inspect every single bike that came off the line. Attention to detail, awesome community, and quality components make FLX the best eBike on the planet.

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Phone: 844-548-3359