What's all this about?

FLX Bike is doing our first ever WIN A TESLA for a weekend giveaway!

We know winter is long - but here in San Diego we get to ride all year long. And YES, we know we're spoiled.

The winner will get airfare to San Diego, a 2 night stay and a Tesla rental for the weekend!

The team here at FLX will take you for a ride around our city and show you around via FLX ebikes!

So not only will you have a chance to rent and drive an awesome Tesla(!) you'll get to ride some awesome ebikes, here, in sunny San Diego!

Terms and conditions will apply of course but - Trust us, you want this.

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How do I win??

Well, it's pretty easy.

The more you spend, the more chances you get to win!

Winner will be chosen at random at some point soon after Black Friday.

We'll announce the winner on social media and at the email you enter in your order.

There will be balloons and a celebration with a fake oversized check. Not really, but that would be cool.

See? Easy...