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This one-of-a-kind eBike combines the best features of both traditional bicycles and electric bikes. The attention-grabbing and innovative design will provide a smooth ride for anyone. Turn heads as you stroll by on this sexy work of engineering. Say goodbye to awkward cables and ditch the bulky batteries - it's time to take pride in your ride!


Standard - Comes 75% assembled with

  • E-Bike
  • Lithium Battery
  • Charger
  • Everything you need to ride

Touring - Includes everything from the standard configuration and

Customer Reviews

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A great year commuting

I’ve had the bike for a year now and I love it. I’ve commuted through wind, rain and shine, in darkness and in sunshine and I absolutely love this bike. The speed limiter at 15 mph is fine for commuting - it allows you to pull away at lights safely and quickly and get up hills with ease. One of the greatest benefits has been the fact that I can commute in my work clothes as I rarely get sweaty. The range is okay - it can handle about 30 km on a charge depending on how heavy you are and how many hills you have to go up - but it is quick to charge up and ready to go.

The future of urban transport is e-bike and the more people take it up - the better our cities will get.

BabyMaker Pro to the UK

It says speeds up to 25 mph, I believe when you ship to the UK you drop that to 17 mph approx also the motor is changed from 350Watts to 250watts in the UK. Think this should be made clearer.

That said still love the bike.