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 It's Electric!

This one-of-a-kind eBike combines the best features of both traditional bicycles and electric bikes. Its unparalleled aesthetic and innovative design make for one smooth ride. Say goodbye to awkward cables, and ditch the bulky batteries - it's time to take pride in your ride.

Introducing The Babymaker.


Make a Statement

With its lightweight frame, concealed battery and attractive details, The Babymaker is ready to go wherever you go...




Step 1: Choose Your Color

*Note: Sterling comes with tan accents/tires* 

Step 2: Choose Your Size


Step Three: Choose Your Handlebars

...and, GO! 

It's all in the Details, Baby.

All eBikes are not created equal!

The Babymaker boasts a fresh take on electric bike design, maintaining the elegance of a road bike while incorporating innovative technologies to make sure your riding experience is smoother and more stylish than ever.

Frequently Asked Questions


Why is it called the Babymaker? We chose the name because it’s FUN and makes us smile, similar to the experience of riding. Also, like the bike, it gets quite a bit of attention - which is something we feel electric ridables could use more of!


Why can't I see the battery? We get it, you're used to seeing ebikes with big ugly batteries and wires all over the place. Our engineers spent a tremendous amount of time making the battery disappear completely... But trust us it's there built right into the frame of the bike!

Will the production bikes be exactly like the ones pictured? No. They will be even better. We have a few tweaks to make and reserve the right to make modifications in the interest of making your Babymaker even better. We’ve already made some upgrades based on thousands of miles of real world riding and feedback from test riders around the world.


What range can you get?

UNLIMITED - with pedaling. It pedals just like a normal bike. With pedal assist, typical riders can expect around 15-50 miles of assisted riding. Range figures are estimates and not a guarantee that you will achieve them. Range varies significantly with terrain, inclines, rider weight, pedal assist level and other factors.

Check out this range report from Eugene's first day out on his Babymaker Beta-


Are you planning to offer upgrades? Yes, we have some exciting ideas for stretch goals. When the campaign reaches a certain funding amount we’ll unlock these upgrades! Tell your friends so we can release these faster!


Which Frame Should I Choose?

4’11” - 5’8” Choose the 19” Size 5’9” - 6’7” Choose the 23” Size. Taller riders can check this video from Dave, a 6'6" rider on the 23" Tangerine Babymaker - 



Can It Hold My Weight? We stress test the frames in the lab to 270lbs. That said, Pete and Rob have been known to ride double on one bike, jetting up hills with over 360 lbs combined weight!


Can I test one at your office? Yes! Come cruise by our San Diego showroom!


Is there a warranty? Yes! We use high quality components and are in this for the long run. If you need any support at all you can reach our US Based support team by phone or email. All FLX bikes are protected by a one year warranty. All parts are covered from defect or fault. If anything should fail outside normal wear and tear or rider damage we will send you a replacement component.


What if it’s past the warranty or I broke it myself? No stress, we still have your back with excellent support (from real humans in the US) and will help you purchase the correct replacement components to get rolling ASAP.


How do I get replacement parts? You’ll be able to purchase replacements on our online store HERE. We still stock components for our very first generation of bikes which we launched in 2016.


Where can I get my Babymaker serviced? The Babymaker is extremely simple. Aside from the electronics it’s built 100% with standard bike components. Any reputable bike shop will have the tools to service your Babymaker.



How much does it weigh? The Babymaker is one of the lightest electric bikes on the market. In the current configuration, It weighs in at just 32lbs. That’s less than just the battery of a typical car!


How do you charge the battery and how long does it take? It’s simple, just plug the charger into the charging port located on the head tube. It takes about 2 hours to charge with the 4A fast charger.


Can the battery be replaced? While the battery is built into the bike, it can still be removed if ever needed for service. Simply drop the fork, remove the plate on the headtube and pull the battery out to remove.


Will the charger work with 120V and 220V outlets around the world? Yes, the charger is rated 100-240V and uses the same power cable that desktop computers use.


Is there room for a water bottle mount? Yes, there are braze-ons on the seat tube. The touring package comes with a water bottle holder.


Are there mounting points for fenders and a rack? Yes, standard mounting points for fenders front and rear along with mounting points for a rack.


Will you sell a rear rack?Yes, just choose the touring package when you check out to get the included cargo rack. 


Can you remove the wheels if you need to put it in a car? You can easily remove the quick release front wheel with no tools in just a few seconds. The rear will take a little longer due to the motor and belt drive.


What happens if I get a Puncture? Changing a flat on a Babymaker is exactly the same as on a standard bike. The rear tire can be changed while the motor is still plugged in.


How much maintenance does the motor require? The Babymaker motor is maintenance free. Our motor manufacturer has been making these types of motors for years so they’ve been thoroughly tested in the factory, in the field and with 1000’s of other riders. If needed the rear wheel and motor can be easily swapped for a new unit. 



What’s the top speed of the Bike? The Babymaker can easily achieve 25mph, for legal reasons, above 25mph the motor cuts out and it’s down to the rider how fast they can pedal. The bikes all have a speedometer in the display so you can see exactly how fast that is.


Do I need a special license to operate one? FLX bikes are legal and classified as an electric bike almost everywhere, and as such don't require a special license. Feel free to check the regulations of your local jurisdiction before purchasing.


Do I need to wear a helmet? We strongly recommend wearing a good helmet. Accidents happen (ask Rob : D ). If you value what’s inside your head, a helmet can protect it from damage. Not only that, it’s the law in many places. Bottom line: you’re responsible for your own decisions. You may see us riding without helmets from time to time and that’s a value decision we make and own. We trust you’ll make the right decision for you each time you ride.


Payments and Shipping

How Much is Shipping?For the US it's FREE.
Note: There's an additional shipping fee for orders to Hawaii and Alaska. If you order from Hawaii or Alaska, we'll email you with payment instructions when the campaign ends for the additional fee.


Can I pick the bike up in San Diego and avoid the shipping charge?Sorry, we expect a very busy shipping season and to speed up all deliveries we will be shipping via UPS, Fedex and other couriers. We cannot accept pickup in San Diego. 


When does it ship?Your Babymaker Standard will ship within 5 - 10 business days after you place your order.


Is there financing?Yes! Choose between popular financing options from Klarna HERE!


What’s the refund policy? Please refer to our refund policy page by clicking here.


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