Moving Forward - Part 3 - 24/7 Support

Moving Forward - Part 3 - 24/7 Support

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 We're launching 24/7 Chat Support  

It's no secret that our response times have been nowhere near fast enough over the past few months. It’s completely unacceptable If it takes us longer than 24 hours to respond to any of your enquiries. You’ve invested in us and you deserve better.  

FLX customer service agents have been working Monday through Friday since launch. Your life doesn't stop on Friday though and neither should FLX Support! We've been training new agents to handle live chat and provide an instant response to your questions. The agents will work in shifts and be available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! They'll do their best to answer your questions and resolve simple tech issues immediately. For more complicated issues or order status checks, they have a direct line of communication with the FLX Tech and Logistics team who will resolve any case and respond by email.

We know this isn't the "solution" to better service, it's just one small step of many in our commitment to serve you better. Stay tuned as we build further on this base and integrate more systems to provide unparalleled support for FLX Riders around the world...


Stay Tuned For Part 4!


Thanks for reading and look forward to chatting soon. 

Rob, Pete and Team FLX 




Kevin, thanks for that, glad you’re following along with the story! Production of pre-order bikes consumed so much resources that service dipped to an unacceptable point, no doubt. We’re all hands on deck to make the changes necessary to keep improving support and after service for the FLX family. One part of that has been cataloging components for the bike, we’re building out the components page with all components needed to keep any FLX bike running for years to come.

Hi Carter, thanks for reaching out. Taking lithium batteries of this capacity on commercial flights is a big no-no. You can bring the bike without battery and find another service to send the battery (generally extremely difficult due to permits). We do have several 13AH batteries available for shipment from a fulfillment center in Europe now. You may consider selling your battery in the US (try the ride flx facebook page) and we could ship you one of the 13AH batteries from Europe. The bike with box and battery is 154*28*82cm and 78lbs.

Carlos, thanks for the help and good tip!

CArlos Ortega
CArlos Ortega

An e-bike can be checked as luggage without the battery. I would arrange to send the battery with a cargo handling company, which sends it by ship or cargo airplane. Do not send with them the whole bike. Too expensive. I am a retired flight attendant 40 years with American Airlines.

Carter  Degen Hill
Carter Degen Hill

I am trying to figure a way to send my new Attack to Sweden with all the difficulties associated with Lithium batteries. Can you advise best plan to accomplish this from Seattle.

What are the dimensions of the original box bike was shipped in and weight (? 78#). Just received about 2 wks ago.

I fly with Norwegian Air in January to Oslo via London and they won’t permit an eBike to accompany their passengers which was my original plan on getting it to Sweden.


Carter 206-409-7598-Mobile

Kevin James
Kevin James

Great news guys! I really love my FLX bike but became a bit concerned, after my order, upon learning that service and support might be an achilles heal for you guys. I’m glad to hear you’re making this a focus for your company. It really helps me feel better about my purchase, and my ability to use and maintain my FLX bike moving forward. Thank you!

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