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Babymaker II Stealth EBike

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Blade 2.0

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F5 Trail eMTB

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Step Through 2.0

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The Weapon X

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Gladiator 2.0

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Being able to navigate an Urban Environment means you have to have a bike that can keep up with the bustle of the City Life.

The Babymaker is the perfect match for any ride in the city or anywhere else it may find itself.
Speeds of 25+ MPH and a range of up to 70 Miles means you don't have to worry about a thing as you whip this ultralight bike through the streets.
Find out how the Babymaker II can change your world.



Everybody likes being comfortable and no other bike in our flight is more comfortable than the Step Through.

Easily step through the frame and find yourself flying down the street at speeds up to 28mph and 50+ Miles of Range while turning heads at the same time.
This beautiful bike is perfect for anyone looking to find bliss on a ride around the neighborhood or on the way to the market.
Find out how the Step Through 2.0 can level up your bicycle rides with ultimate comfort.


tame the mountain

Everyone knows what a Swiss Army Knife is. Now it is time to meet the Swiss Army Knives of the Bicycle World.

Get yourself a bike that can do it all, from riding Mountain Bike Trails in the Mountain to commuting everyday to work in the City.
Our Mountain Bike Electric Bikes have everything they need to conquer the trails and keep you riding faster and exploring more.
Speeds up to 28 MPH and a range of 50+ Miles makes this bike perfect for any Pioneering Individuals.


Fat Tire Bikes

These days you see them everywhere. That's because they can pretty much do it all.

Whether it be riding down trails, riding on beaches, or through the city, these bikes and their big wheels make sure you don't have to worry about anything other than enjoying a smooth and sturdy ride.
Discover what it feels like to ride on the beach in the early morning or take your bike out to the desert and ride down that dirt road you always see.
Our Fat Tire bikes will have you going at speeds up to 28MPH and a range of 50+ miles