Babymaker II

Stealthy, Sexy and Fun

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The sexiest, and sleekest electric bike out there is back and better than ever. Its unparalleled aesthetic and innovative design combine the best features of both traditional bicycles and electric bikes.

Say hello to our next installment in the line of stealthy eBikes that changed the game forever— Introducing The Babymaker II.


Features You'll love


Larger Battery


how far can you ride?

Gates Carbon Belt Drive

rear hub motor

* NEW *

Upgraded Flat Handlebars

Smart lcd display

hydraulic disc brakes

Samsung Lithium Ion (36V / 10AH)

20-70 Miles (mileage will vary due to rider conditions)

2 - 3 Hours @ 4A

350W Aikema Geared Rear Hub

Up-to 25mph

Velofox DM-03

5 Assist Modes, Speed, Battery Life (5 Bars), Average Speed, Max Speed

Cadence Sensor

Gates USA Belt Drive, 63T-22t

Prowheel 165mm/170mm Length

Wellgo ME55 Aluminum

Magura MT30 Hydraulic Disc

620mm Wide Straight Bars

Black or Brown Ergonomic Faux Leather

FLX Branded Black Or Brown Road Style

38.1mm Aluminum Quick Release

350mm Length / 31.6mm Diameter

700C. Rims: 22mm (external), 19mm (internal)

Stainless Steel, 13 Gauge Front 12 Gauge Rear, Black with Silver Screws

Kenda 700x28c Presta Valve

35 lbs (15.84 kg)

2.5 lbs (1.13 kg)

275 lbs (124.74 kg)

6061 Aircraft Grade Aluminum Alloy

Seat Tube Bottle Cage Mounts, Rear Rack Bolt Holes

- Kickstand
- Charger
What makes the Babymaker II different from the original Babymaker?

Babymaker II has a 40% larger battery than our original Babymaker. On top of this it sports a wider flat handlebar, a longer stem AND they are assembled in the USA! Babymaker II comes standard with premium components including a Gates carbon belt drive and Magura disc brakes.

When will my Babymaker II ship?

Our first bunch of Babymaker II e-bikes are already in production and shipping directly from the factory to our customers! It’s important to order early to ensure the earliest possible delivery of your preferred color.

Are you accepting International orders?

We are currently only accepting orders for customers in the contiguous USA (including Hawaii with an additional shipping charge) and Canada. At this time we are not able to ship to Alaska.

Can I remove the battery?

Yes, but it's not designed to be removed regularly - only for maintenance. Babymaker II is designed to be charged with the battery inside the frame.

What is the warranty on the Babymaker II?

We offer a standard 1 year warranty on any defective components and electronics. In addition, we have partnered with Mulberry to provide an extended warranty option.

Is it hard to assemble when it arrives at my house?

Your Babymaker II will arrive mostly assembled. The pedals, front tire, seat and handlebars need to be installed. Kickstand is pre-installed. Assembly instructions are provided HERE.

Not so sure? When in doubt we recommended contacting your local bike mechanic for help.

Unfortunately, damages resulting from improper assembly are not covered under warranty.

Can I finance the Babymaker II?

Yes, we offer financing through PayPal and can be accessed through our secure checkout!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
James Biggins

Very pleased with the bike so far. Thank you!

Grant Preston
Love My Babymaker 2

I've had my Babymaker 2 for about 3 weeks now and riding it is like a dream. Kick it up to Level 3, 4, then 5 and it feels like someone is pushing you from behind. So much fun. Will definitely be getting more fresh air and exercise because of it. Was worth the wait...

Peter Andersen
Detailed Review from New Babymaker II Owner

Ordering: Ordering the FLX was easy enough, but I had to make full payment though the bike was many months from delivery. It can be a little stressful to do that, but the order process was otherwise painless.

Waiting: this is my biggest issue with FLX. They know how many bikes they are producing and shipping, they know the order of the orders they are fulfilling, but the do a terrible job keeping pending customers up to date. There is almost no communication, which makes the wait harder. I wanted my bike, and am happy to wait for it, but unhappy to wait in silence. I suggested to them often that they could do a better job with this, but received no response to my requests.

Delivery: Once word of shipment was made, the delivery was accurate. The bike arrived in great condition, packed well, and anyone with any wrenching experience will have the bike together in 30 minutes tops. Tires were fully inflated, it came with pedals, nice grips, it went together easily, no complaints here at all. Seat is not terribly comfortable; I would get another if you love a particular brand or model.

Charging: Worked well, not sure how long it takes from zero to full – have not timed.

The Ride: The bike rides nicely, with power kicking in soon after the first pedal stroke. I am 6’, and got the Large – and it fits great. Not sure how a really tall person would do on it, to be honest, I would question 6’4” or taller people finding a comfortable position.
-I got this for transportation, and plan to ride it on level 5 primarily. Commuting, going to the gym or the store. Level five is great on most any road, I found the bike to ride at 20mph easily, but anything faster requires more work than is worth it. It says this is a 25 mph bike, but call it a 20 mph, but 20 mph all ride long.
-Comparing to my gravel bike with road tires, I go about 20% faster with 20% less effort at level 5. This is impressive to me, rides to work are shorter and easier, I wear new athletic work clothes to work with a pair of padded bike underwear, and it is easy and fast and no need to change when I get to work.
-At zero assist, the bike is a bit of a pig, fat and slow. As you might expect, that weight and single gear makes hills terrible without assist.
-Speaking of hills, FLX could have done a better job with having power kick in on hills, power is delivered by cadence, not torque, so mashing up a hill does not give you additional power, spinning does, but spinning is really hard on a single speed on a hill, when the bike is 35 lbs. I would think some software tweaks could help this.

Distance under power: I ran out of juice in the middle of my 2nd ride of the day - first a 5 mile run to the store and on my second ride it died with about 5 miles left in my 16 mile gym circle. The bike showed 2 bars left, but it kept erroring out and flashing, with no power delivery. I thought I could make it home, but I could not with power. This was disappointing, about 17 to 19 miles at level 5 and it died. We do have hills here, but I hoped for a bit better.

What happens when you run out of juice: Ugggg, that is a big heavy bike with a single speed, but it IS still a bike. On flats with no juice, I was riding at 14 or 15. Not bad. Hit a hill, and it was brutal. I am a former cat 3 racer, and I made it up every hill – but some hurt. I do NOT want to get off my bike and push, but I made it up some 10% grades, with great effort. Flats are fine, if slow, downhill is where all that weight helps you, but prepare to suffer on a steep hill if you run out of juice.

Overall: I really like the bike, I think it will do what I want it too. The battery could last longer, the power delivery could be MUCH better for hills, the indicator could be MUCH more accurate, but once I know what to expect, I should be fine. I will try the gym run with a full battery next week, and am sure it will make it.

Gorgeous bike. Amazing value

Extremely simply and problem free. It looks great and works great and there's nothing extra that's going to just break and slow you down

Kahlin Taylor

I was initially nervous about buying a bike from a company I had never heard of and buying it over the Internet. I finally decided to just go ahead and do it when gas prices started to sky rocket. The bike was delivered without a scratch, it was very well packaged. Assembly only took about 20 mins and I was off riding. I received the Baby maker two weeks ago and have commuted to work every day since. It is impressive I work about 4 miles away and cruise there in no time. I do construction for a living and can be tired by the end of the day; the ride home is also completely up hill. The bike has not let me down yet. Keep up the good work.