About Us


In 2020 during a worldwide pandemic, FLX Bike shattered records on Indiegogo with a stunning $13.3M crowdfunding campaign offering its highly acclaimed Babymaker, the sexiest and sleekest e-Bike to hit the world market.

In 2021, the FLX Bike team of professionals, cyclists and engineers continue to create a new line of equally beautiful and powerful electric bikes offering a best-in-class electric bike at a lower direct-to-consumer price point. This innovative business model is what allows FLX to create affordable transportation that continues to improve with each new release.


At the age of 19, FLX Bike and Miles Board Co-Founder and President Rob Rast dropped out of college and purchased a one-way ticket to China where he lived for 9 years. As a pilot, avid biker, surfer, and skateboarder - Rob has always been addicted to performance and a good adrenaline rush.

In 2016 Rob combined his passions in biking, green tech, and fitness to start FLX Bike where he (literally) moved into a factory in China to oversee every detail of the production process and testing. Today, Rob leads a team of passionate professionals, cyclists, and engineers with a mission to get more people out of cars and onto bikes.

No compromises and breaking records - in style.



The FLX team comes from all walks of life - ranging from pro riders, designers, engineers, business professionals and even students. This eclectic range of experience and collaboration is what makes FLX unique. While we differ in background, we are all driven by the same goal: to create and share the coolest electric vehicles in the world.