Rob will do your job for a day.

Buy an ebike, get a free battery, throttle, and the chance to relax while Rob fills in for you at work. Use code: WORKFORMEROB
  • New purchases only.
  • Expires 9/4/23 at 11:59PM or while supplies last.
  • Cannot be combined with any other discount.
  • Babymaker II excluded from free throttle.

Simply use the code and we'll make sure you get the right battery added to your order.

Babymaker II Stealth EBike

$1,599 $1,499
Save $100
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Gladiator 2.0

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Step Through 2.0

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F5 Trail eMTB

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Blade 2.0

$6,299 $5,999
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Bandit II Motorbike

$1,799 $1,699
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I need to speak to your boss

Because you've been working too hard.

This labor day, I'm gonna make your job easier. I'm literally gonna do your job for you.

Here's how it works

During labor day weekend, You buy anything on our site,

Bike, skateboard, helmet whatever.

Then send an email to with your order number in the Subject Line.

  1. Tell me about what you do for work,
  2. The name of your boss and his contact info (include your order #)

On Tuesday, I'll pick one person - if it's you.

I'll tell your boss you're not coming in to work Because I'm covering your shift for you

You take the day off, read a book, chill, go adventure. Do whatever you want, have some fun on me.

Relax...your job's in good hands (unless you're a brain surgeon, I could mess that up)

"But Rob, I work with heavy machinery. Without training it's too dangerous "

No problem - I'll find a way to provide value for your company. I'll sweep floors, clean toilets. Polish your boss's shoes and kiss his ass (all at the same time 😘)

I'll do anything to get you out of work, (ANYTHING) AND I'm gonna put your bike to work for you too

How? If you buy a bike this weekend - I'll throw in an extra battery and a throttle for free.

Cuz sometimes you just need a break.

So hit the throttle to let the bike do all the work, then swap in battery 2 to go crazy far.

To snag this labor day deal. Just use the code WORKFORMEROB at checkout.

So if you want a day off. Grab something on our site today and let me go to work for you 🫡

- Rob Rast

President FLX Bike

This deal is valid only while supplies last and expires Midnight 9/4/23. Valid for new purchase only, can not be combined with any other offer. Warning: If you develop an ebike addiction, you are not alone. These products are highly addictive and could result in endless fun, increased libido and a new sense of self confidence.