F5 Trail Genuine FLX Lithium Battery Pack

F5 Trail Genuine FLX Lithium Battery Pack

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Extra Batteries!

Going cross country? Pop this in your backpack and double your range. 36V models work with FLX Roadster, Trail and Attack. 48V Models work with FLX Blade. 


We strongly suggest against using a non-genuine battery in your FLX bike. Genuine FLX Batteries are packed in a state of the art facility with extreme detail going into their build quality, smart battery management system and extensive testing. We can not vouch for the quality or compatibility of any non-FLX battery. Safety concerns aside, the use of a non genuine battery will void your warranty and may cause permanent damage to your bike. 




Type Compatible Models Watt Hours
36V 13AH FLX Roadster, Trail, Attack | Generation 1 and 2  468
36V 17AH FLX Roadster, Trail, Attack | Generation 1 and 2  612
48V 17.5AH FLX Blade 840
48V 10.4AH FLX Roadster, Trail | Generation 3 (F3) 499
48V 13.6AH FLX Roadster, Trail | Generation 3 (F3) 652
48V 14Ah FLX Trail (F4) 672

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Stopped by yesterday just to check this electric bike shop out. I was greeted by Axel and Sequoia who were very friendly but more importantly had extensive knowledge about their products and bikes in general. He put me on a Blade to test ride... I hadn't had that much fun on a bike in awhile! Now I ride one everyday HAHA! Stoked to be apart of the FLX Family

Rik Slik

Colin D. Was incredible. I flew in to test the bike before shipping. Super cordial and chill as I took the prototype for a test drive. I went up a hill that is steeper than most ramps that I jumped as a kid! Being a TX boy we have little hills and not like this one. I was skeptical if the Babymaker would help propel me up that monster....and it did. Rob and his team have produced a stellar product and I am excited to get mine next month.

Jeff Duncan